Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment

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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment

Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment

Sexual addiction is fast ravaging modern societies. Heck, over 30 million people in the United States are said to be sex addicts. And you know what? A large number of these addicts are Christians!

Yes, Pornography and Christians are fast becoming a thing these days as more Christians find it easier to indulge in the wiles and attractions of pornography. Society suggests that it is easy to “bust a nut,” and sadly, many Christians buy into the idea.

There are a lot of faith-based sex addiction treatment centers that offer help for porn-addicted Christians. The good news is that these centers do not limit their services to Christians alone. So if you are thinking of faith-based porn addiction treatment in Boulder, here are some pros and cons you should know.


  • Unbelievers get a chance to become born again
  • Christians can renew their connection with God
  • Patients learn to trust in God’s power as they learn that their lives are unmanageable without Him.
  • Faith-based drug rehab are primarily based on prayer, which facilitates a personal connection with your Source who is God
  • Faith-based treatment also incorporates church services which allow you to worship God along with others. The communal feeling of church services helps strengthen your faith and will help you combat addiction.


  • Devotions and medications, which are also a vital part of these programs, also remind you of God’s power over you, and they help you trust in Him to show you His purpose for you.
  • There are a lot of support groups of people with similar beliefs and struggles. Recovering from sex addiction which such people around has the effect of increasing optimism and reducing stress and anxiety.


  • Attending a Christian sex addiction treatment center offers unbelievers a new perspective on life and might show them a better reason why they must leave sex addiction.


  • It might be difficult to convince non-believers that their lack of faith might be an obstacle to the unique process of faith-based sex addiction treatment.
  • Faith-based sex addiction treatment centers see addiction to porn as a moral one, so most unbelievers might be better treated using the sex-addiction-as-a-disease model. This is largely because they may feel guilty about their role in getting addicted to sex. 
  • Faith based centers would require patients to engage in spiritual activities like praying and meditating on God’s word. People who are not willing to open their hearts may find it difficult to cope with the routine. 

If you need professional sex therapists for men in Boulder, Colorado, you might opt for one that works at a faith-based facility. Why? The pros of enrolling at such facilities far outweigh the cons.

At Boulder Recovery, we help patients restore their faith and sense of self-worth when everything seems lost, and to the glory of God, we have numerous testimonies to show for our efforts. Let us pray for you. If you feel ashamed about your problem, don’t! We’ve been there ourselves, and we want to share with you how Christ – and Christ alone – can change your life. 


Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment

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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment

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