Samantha Peritz

Samantha is a Licensed Professional Counselor who looks forward to helping others achieve an emotional balance through confidence, self-awareness, and improving interpersonal relationships. She accomplishes this by aiding individuals navigate through difficult situations and using those challenges as an exemplar for teaching new coping strategies.

Samantha’s focus is on adolescents and adults who are struggling to navigate their entrance into autonomous adulthood but is happy to work with anyone who is genuinely looking to enhance their everyday lives. Samantha uses a multifaceted approach that includes mainly Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Psychoeducation but adjusts her methods to suit the needs of the client.

She believes therapy is a collaborative effort and this requires that she works with the client to establish therapeutic goals and work towards their achievement. Her objective is to provide a genuine and safe environment to focus on any challenges that are currently being faced.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Roosevelt University, Samantha spent a year working at a school with children with developmental disabilities. She then decided to pursue her Master’s degree in Roosevelt’s clinical psychology (counseling practice) program in order to gain a broader understanding of the human experience. She relishes the opportunity to work at The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center and help individuals achieve their own vision of emotional wellness.