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Child Therapy & Counseling in Arlington Heights, IL

Children often have difficulty expressing their emotions. Some children experience unexplained worry and sadness or have angry outbursts. They may complain of headaches, stomachaches, or other unexplainable physical symptoms that can keep them from attending school regularly.

Depression and anxiety are not uncommon for children. They can lead to emotional and behavioral issues and other challenges when therapy is not introduced to their lives at a young age. Lighthouse Emotional Wellness offers child therapy treatment for children, meeting the unique needs of their families.

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The importance of child therapy

Childhood is a crucial part of every person’s life. Everything occurring in this stage will have a direct impact on adult behaviors. The quality of relationships a child has with the significant adults in their life and the environment they grow up in can greatly affect their social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Tragically, many childhood mood disorders can cause children to participate in self-harm as a coping mechanism. Some of the most common mental health disorders associated with childhood self-harm include:

  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder

When a person goes undiagnosed, they may develop substance abuse, causing further self-harm and emotional grief. At Lighthouse Emotional Wellness, we make it our job to focus on each child’s individual mood disorder struggle and help them solve self-harm behavior, and begin the healing process.

How Lighthouse Emotional Wellness addresses the unique needs of children

Lighthouse Emotional Wellness recognizes the unique needs faced by children who are dealing with social and academic pressure, family breakdowns, poverty, bullying, dysfunctional families, inappropriate care, trauma, and violence.

family counseling schaumburg illinois
family counseling schaumburg illinois

Benefits of individual therapy sessions for emotional and behavioral issues with child therapists

Individual therapy can help a child regulate their emotions and make a connection between how they feel and the resulting behavior so they can better control themselves. Individual therapy sessions can promote:

  • Decrease of depression and anxiety
  • Decrease in developmental delays
  • Increase in confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase of social competencies
  • Development of a healthy sense of self

Adolescents can feel success when they manage their struggles when they have clinicians at our center assist them with finding appropriate coping mechanisms to use in their home with a parent, at school with friends, and in the community while living out normal everyday activities.

The power of play therapy in promoting healing and growth from mood disorders that can lead to self-injury

Assessing a child’s cognitive, intellectual, behavioral, and psychological issues through evaluation and testing provides a baseline for which strategies and techniques in play therapy can help them with their struggles around mood disorders and resulting behavioral issues. Children struggling with the ability to properly balance emotions, such as in ADHD, where they struggle to cope with anger and sadness, can greatly benefit from play therapy support services as they begin to have success and feel hope rather than pain.

Exploring emotions and improving communication through art therapy with an Arlington Heights, IL child therapist

Our child therapists help bridge the gap between complex experiences or emotions and verbal expression through art therapy. Cognitive behavioral art therapy helps children activate certain brain areas when they practice artistic expression.

The role of family therapy in fostering healthy relationships

Family therapy provides a safe place for each family member, from parents to the child, to express their feelings and thoughts openly with mediation from the therapist. Relationships are strengthened between clients through guided conflict resolution during family counseling sessions.

Child therapy & counseling with Lighthouse Emotional Wellness

Our knowledgeable child therapists want to help your child heal from the struggles they are facing by equipping them with proper strategies and coping mechanisms. Schedule an appointment with Lighthouse Emotional Wellness today using our secure online contact form.

Get in touch today and let the healing begin.

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family counseling schaumburg illinois

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