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The Lighthouse Emotional and Wellness Center promotes innovation when it comes to couples and marriage counseling services. Located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, our powerful approach offers a dynamic, fair and balanced approach to defining and reaching your goals for both members of the couple. Our approach works where traditional marriage or couples counseling does not.

There is an unfortunate lack of industry standards when it comes to couples and marriage counseling. There are no formalized training programs and no licensing requirements for therapists who wish to counsel couples towards their individual and relationship goals. The majority of therapists practice in a general manner, unless they carry specific training.

We practice an approach that has been developed and optimized by Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian. This method had become our cornerstone and has the benefit of over 20 years of development that has helped thousands of our couples over the years. This model is a multifaceted approach that combines a range of proven therapeutic techniques, including CBT, Gottman, EFT, Imago and interpersonal modalities, and minimizes gender bias through combination with conjoint therapy for more productive and less damage-causing discourse throughout each session.

In traditional couples counseling with one therapist, there is a gender bias that is unavoidable. Studies have shown that this bias can even damage the relationship further. At The Lighthouse, couples sessions are conducted with 2 therapists, one assigned to each person in the relationship. This allows for a balanced process because we know that in relationships there are either 2 winners or 2 losers. All of our staff are trained in The Couples Synergy Method. Marriage and Couples Counseling Services at The Lighthouse are covered by most major insurance plans and we accept PPO accounts.

The cash rates at The Lighthouse are as follows:
Couples Evaluation $350
After the couples evaluation, the cost is $150 per person per session

  Couples we have helped:    

 Married Couples, Dating Couples, Divorced Couples desiring a strong CoParenting Relationship

Couples Synergy Coaching Program

  • Are you stagnant in your marriage?
  • Do you love your spouse but miss the passion, spontaneity and fun you used to have?
  • Do you feel that your spouse doesn’t get you, or even know you anymore?

Learn more about the Couples Synergy Program, the couples coaching program developed  by “power couple”, Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian designed to revitalize and strengthen your marriage!

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The Approach:

Our approach with couples is a structured and developmental model customized to each couple that walks through our doors. Our work with couples is unique to the couples and marriage counseling field in that each individual of the couple works with their own therapist both individually and as a team to provide the greatest opportunity of success for the couple. In this way, we can balance any gender bias that often occurs in traditional single therapist settings.

The number one problem that each couple lists when they meet with us is a problem with “communication” in their relationship. This is a catch all word that often can mean a plethora of issues in how the couple interacts with each other. The first session is designed to “triage” the relationship and give us a quick assessment of the needs of the couple and to help the treatment team design a plan for each individual as well as the relationship as a whole.

We thoroughly assess the conditions of communication, trust, honesty, quality time, intimacy, personal time, spirituality, outsider involvement, the safety of the environment, coparenting and dysfunctional coping skills within each relationship. We also focus heavily on education, teaching each couple new skills and tools on how to effectively communicate with each other, how to build trust in the relationship and how to avoid repeating the same bad habits they have learned along the way.

Research has found that the average couple waits 6 years before seeking the help they need in their relationship. There is no need to wait any longer to receive the support necessary to improve your relationship, contact us today to set up your first evaluation appointment.

Understanding the importance of couples counseling in maintaining a healthy relationship

Couples counseling in Arlington Heights IL with Lighthouse Emotional Wellness can increase positive feelings between partners, improve the feeling of security in the relationship, allow couples to better cooperate with one another, provide the couple with necessary tools for overcoming future challenges, and decrease stress in relationships.

The benefits of seeking professional family counseling help from Lighthouse Emotional Wellness

Marriage counseling services in Arlington Heights can help you improve communication skills in your relationship. Couples can work to strengthen their bonds, which can often be lost over time. Couples therapy is also about self-understanding and personal growth so that each spouse can be the best in their marriage. The benefits of marriage counseling are innumerable.

Common issues addressed in couples counseling

Arlington Heights, IL marriage and couples counseling can help romantic partners with relational concerns and find solutions in healthy ways to many different relationship issues, including:

  • Mental health after working through significant life events
  • Relationship issues after trauma
  • Anger management issues
  • Communication issues
  • Grief from loss

When a spouse suffers trauma as a child but does not address these issues in therapy, the struggles can unknowingly continue into their adult relationships, causing conflicts from the past to repeat.

Expertise and approach of the therapists at Lighthouse Emotional Wellness

At our practice, Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian focus on the growth and healing of couples of all ages. We provide a safe and accepting atmosphere where feelings can be shared, and support can be offered. We understand that passion and love are the core of our client’s relationships, and we aim to achieve this through a process of gentle guidance after years of continued research in family counseling approaches.

Specific services offered

Marriage counseling, relationship therapy, and communication skills training

Lighthouse Emotional Wellness brings a multifaceted approach to our couples and marriage counseling that combines proven therapeutic techniques, including Gottman, Imago, interpersonal modalities, EFT, and CBT. Marriage counseling vs. couples therapy is approached differently based on the dynamic of the current relationship.

The treatment process

The initial assessment, goal-setting, and ongoing sessions

Seeking professional services from a marriage therapist is a healing journey for the whole person, as we do not focus on one issue but rather use a bigger lens to look at all aspects of the couple’s lives.

During your first session and follow-up therapy sessions, our team of two therapists will assess and focus on the safety of your environment, outsider involvement, quality time together, intimacy with your partner, family stress, parents’ communication about raising children, and more within your relationship. We have helped thousands of families and other couples who were dealing with anxiety, who suffer from depression, or who lack the necessary communication to talk issues out to find ways to cope with these problems and develop a starting point to begin their journey of healing and improvement as romantic partners.

Couples & marriage counseling in Arlington Heights, IL with Lighthouse Emotional Wellness

Explore how couples and marriage counseling can benefit your relationship. Our team of therapists has helped thousands of other couples renew their love and passion for one another, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today using our secure online contact form to begin the process.

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Other Services

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Couples Coaching

The Couples Synergy program by Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian is designed to revitalize marriages and bring back passion and excitement again in relationships.

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Our child therapists use different techniques to help children open up about how they feel and navigate the challenges in their lives.

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EMDR Therapy

Our therapists use the EMDR therapeutic model to help clients explore, process, and heal traumatic memories through their bodies' natural abilities.