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family counseling schaumburg illinois

The modern family has many struggles, and the techniques and methods of traditional family counseling often do not work to promote growth. At The Lighthouse, we know that counseling needs to change to cater for dynamic family structures. Beyond just needing a dual household income to survive financially in these times, families are struggling with the multiple dynamics occurring in today’s American family. Blended families have become the major family structure in this country and children often have to adapt to multiple households and different parenting styles. Grandparents can also add stress within a family especially if they are struggling with long term care concerns. To complicate matters, kids are also under more pressure to succeed than they ever have been in the past.

Family Synergy Therapy or FST, is an 8 week structural treatment program for a family system designed to assess current dysfunction in the family, reconstruct dysfunctional roles, improve communication and attachment leading to overall emotional health within the system.

As our society recognizes the difficult challenges that children face, disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar and spectrum disorders are being more frequently diagnosed, making it ever more difficult for parents to support their families through everyday life.

At The Lighthouse, we strive to deliver the most robust counseling services that assist children and families through the struggles that they face. It is often said that “it takes a village” when it comes to successfully raising a family, and we pride ourselves on being the “village” of support that your family requires to be happy and healthy in your connections to each other.

Our model, called Family Synergy Therapy, is based upon our principle and guiding philosophy that each family member works with their own counselor. Our model was developed and extended from our founders Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian’s couples synergy model which promotes the presence of an advocate for each member of the family or relationship to create a safe environment through which to share experiences, perspectives and feelings without the risk of judgment. In addition, we use structured work involving all family members with their own therapists in order to challenge disruptive dynamics within the family and to develop better function within the family unit. We combine these techniques with a wealth of new skills integration and education to support ongoing harmony within the family.

Families that we have helped have expressed their gratitude for the positive changes that have transformed their homes into more peaceful environments with healthy communication, less conflict, more structure and boundaries that respect each member of the family. Our goal will always remain the same, and that is to help you and your family create happy, healthy and loving relationships with one another.

family counseling schaumburg illinois
family counseling schaumburg illinois

Understanding the role of family counseling in improving relationships and overall well-being

Family therapy is essential for improving the overall well-being of everyone in the family. Family therapy and counseling services help address conflicts, foster stronger relationships, solve problems, and improve communication while providing the support and tools needed to create a healthy family dynamic with newfound hope.

Highlighting Lighthouse Emotional Wellness’s expertise in family counseling

For over 20 years, Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center has provided family counseling to thousands of families. As a couple, Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian have grown their knowledge of family dynamics and made it their life’s work to help families develop a stronger bond through various therapeutic approaches.

The specialized services offered

Marital counseling, child and adolescent therapy, and grief counseling

Family dynamics can be complicated, which is why Lighthouse Emotional Wellness offers a variety of specialized services to its clients. These services include:

When families come together, they often bring trauma from their past, which creates struggles in their married and family life. Utilizing the above therapy options with a family therapist at Lighthouse Emotional Wellness can create a solid family life where each member can develop coping skills, reduce stress, learn better communication, and conflict resolution.

Our approach and philosophy toward therapy

The importance of a safe and supportive environment

Lighthouse Emotional Wellness therapists work together to provide a supportive and safe environment where struggling families can openly discuss their issues and concerns without fear of judgment. Sharing thoughts while having professional mediation during sessions can help open lines of communication between parents and kids and begin the healing process. We believe that creating healthy boundaries creates a strong family.

Family therapy should look at the whole person, not just behavioral problems. We invite new clients to visit Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center to explore further if we can be a good fit for your family struggles, including our couples therapy program, Couples Synergy.

The benefits of choosing Lighthouse Emotional Wellness for family counseling in Arlington Heights, IL

We pride ourselves on helping today’s families become the strongest they can be by helping each family member develop their own coping skills. Family members may struggle with their own mental health issues and behavioral issues that create difficulties in the lives of everyone in the family unit. Some issues our family-focused counseling services help individuals work through include:

  • Mood disorders
  • Life transitions
  • Self-injury
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Adhd
  • Past trauma
  • Bipolar disorder

The families we have helped in the past have expressed their thankfulness for the transformation and growth their families have experienced. They have shown gratitude for the peaceful environments and healthy relationships their family enjoys, with less conflict, more structure, healthy communication, and boundaries that respect each person in the home.

Experience what Lighthouse Emotional Wellness can do for your family

Families today experience more difficulties than ever before. With financial circumstances often requiring both parents to work full-time outside the home, elderly parents having to reside with the younger generation, and children feeling pressures to succeed and thrive for betterment, families often face excessive stressors. This added stress on family members can cause strife in the family unit, which can lead to arguing, fighting, and marital disputes. Without proper help from a professional therapist, the relationship of families can quickly fall apart.

At Lighthouse Emotional Wellness, we understand the needs of families, and our family therapists aim to provide full-service options for success in family therapy. Family therapy can provide a powerful tool for your marriage and family, creating a cohesive team. Contact our therapist today using our quick online contact form to take the first step toward success in your home.

Get in touch today and let the healing begin.

Family Counseling Illinois Arlington Heights

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