Video Game Addiction Treatment

Video Game Addiction Treatment

Omega Recovery is one of the few rehab centers for Video Game Addiction Treatment“>video game addiction treatment in Austin, TX. Our Chief clinical officer, Dr. Kardaras, is an expert in treating digital addictions in teenagers and adults.

Symptoms of video game addiction

Video game addiction is a common concern among teenagers and young adults. Individuals find the realm of video games more comforting than the real world and use it as an escape route. Some of the signs of video game-related addiction include:

  • Feeling an urge to play video games for more than 3-4 hours a day
  • Procrastinating important commitments and day-to-day activities for video games
  • Choosing to play video games all through the night without getting proper sleep
  • Reluctant to spend time with family, and friends
  • Urge to spend more money and borrow loans to afford video games

Besides, individuals with a video game addiction often get into trouble at school or work, or with a partner. At our rehab facility, we offer comprehensive video game addiction treatment using psychotherapies, counseling, and support group sessions.

What is gaming disorder?

Gaming disorder is a pattern of behavior in an individual where video games take precedence over other commitments and daily activities. Individuals that suffer from this kind of addiction choose to spend multiple hours a day on a game and prefer to remain in isolation from friends and family members.

Addiction to video games is as serious as substance abuse and alcoholism and can present withdrawal symptoms like headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and depression. Addiction to video games affects the brain by triggering the release of dopamine, which results in reinforcing behaviors.

Video game addiction in children and adolescents

An alarming 97% of teenage boys and 83% of teenage girls play video games in America. Children that develop a habit of playing video games at an early age are more likely to develop an addiction to it during their teenage years.

Furthermore, spending too many hours playing video games can negatively impact your child’s intellectual growth and participation at school. A child with a video game obsession does poorly at school, lacks an interest in sports and other extra-curricular activities. These children also show high risks of developing eyesight problems and mental health issues. If your child wastes too much time playing video games, get them the help at an early stage by getting in touch with Dr. Kardaras, our chief clinical officer and an expert in treating video game addictions.

Causes of video game addiction

Video games are designed with a thorough understanding of compulsive behavior psychology to ensure that you remain hooked to the game at all times. Playing video games offers players an immersive experience that leads to the secretion of large amounts of dopamine in the human brain. Continuous exposure to large amounts of dopamine can structurally compromise your brain’s health and lead to mental health disorders.

At Omega Recovery, we have developed the most effective video game addiction treatment using evidence-based treatment protocols. Call Omega Recovery today for more information on our video game addiction program.